Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Q: Are the utilities the responsibility of the tenant?

    A: Yes. Unless otherwise stated in your lease the tenant is responsible for all utilities including garbage, PGE, water and sewer, and landscaping. 
  • Q: Can I make landscape alterations or paint the interior walls?

    A: Only with the written permission of Rental Property Professionals, Inc.  Please contact us to discuss.  Note that a paint color change may sometimes be approved on the condition that tenant return the walls to the original color upon vacating the property.  It is also required that any painting be completed in a professional manner.
  • Q: Can I pay my rent online?

    A: Absolutely!  We have secure software in place that makes it easy to pay your rent online, and we encourage you to do so.  You can also arrange to have your rent paid automatically on the first of each month!  With this FREE service, you can avoid any late fees, because your rent will always be paid on the first of the month without you having to remember to make the payment.  
  • Q: Do I have to have perfect credit to be approved, and how long does it take?

    A: We have established a set of Tenant Qualification Criteria based on a number of factors, including employment, income, rental history, credit and debt standards. We apply standardized and consistent guidelines for all applicants with the goal of matching qualified tenants desiring a high quality home in the Inland Valley area, and we adhere to all Fair Housing laws. Perfect credit is not required; however, a good credit score is very helpful. The screening process usually takes 1-3 business days. 
  • Q: Do I need renter's insurance?

    A: While not required, it is highly recommended.   The good news is that renter's insurance is incredibly inexpensive!  I t’s advisable for all tenants to carry enough insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Please consult with your insurance agent for specific details. If you do not know an insurance agent, we will be happy to refer you to one.
  • Q: Does the rent include landscape maintenance?

    A: Unless otherwise specified in your rental agreement, the Tenant will be responsible for routine maintenance of the landscape.  The tenant is responsible for maintaining the landscape in a green, healthy condition by watering properly.
  • Q: How do I apply to rent a home?

    A: Please call our office at (530) 844-2590 to set an appointment with a leasing agent to view the property you are interested in. We are available to show properties Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM; and on Saturday and Sunday by appointment. On many of our properties you can also view the video walkthrough on Youtube. If you want to apply to rent the property after viewing it, please Apply Online at the convenience of  your home or work. . Please note that applications are reviewed on a first-come / first-served basis.  
  • Q: How long should a response to a maintenance problem take?

    A: For non-emergency situations, please allow days. If you have not heard from our office or our vendor in three days, please contact your property manager directly. 
  • Q: How much is the pet security deposit?

    A: The pet security deposit is established on an individual basis based on a number of factors, but usually starts at $500.  
  • Q: How much is the security deposit?

    A: If you meet all the requirements established by our Tenant Qualification Criteria, the security deposit will be equal to one month’s rent, plus any pet deposits. If you don’t fully meet the requirements, it’s possible that you may still qualify with a higher deposit.  However, in no case will the sum of all deposits exceed 2 months’ rent for unfurnished homes or 3 months’ rent for furnished homes.  The security deposit is paid before you move in, and must be paid by certified funds.  Security deposit funds are maintained in a trust account as required by State real estate regulations until they are either refunded to the tenant upon a successful move-out inspection, or are fully or partially forfeited to cover damages caused by lease violations. THE SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED AS THE LAST MONTH'S RENT. If you fail to pay your last month's rent on time, you will incur late fees per your rental agreement. 
  • Q: How will my security deposit be handled when I move out?

    A: A complete explanation of any deductions from your deposit will be sent with your refund check, along with instructions in the event you have a question about a deduction.  We will send this to the forwarding address you provide to us, within 21 days of your move-out. 
  • Q: What about pets?

    A: Please refer to our complete Pet Policy, which details what types of pets may be allowed if the homeowner allows pets.  If the homeowner does in fact allow pets, be aware that there may be restrictions on the allowable size of pets, and that certain breeds may not be allowed.  (Service animals exempted.) You will be required to sign an addendum to the lease which outlines all of the conditions for having a pet(s), and pay an additional security deposit will be required per pet.  
  • Q: What are the total move-in fees?

    A: If your application is approved you will be notified immeadiately.  You must sign the lease agreement within 1 business days of being notified, and pay all monies due with certified funds (bank cashier’s check, money order) made payable to “Rental Property Professionals, Inc.”.   Fees include the first month’s rent, security deposit including any additional for pet(s), and any other fees specified in the lease agreement.  The security deposit is due at the time that the rental lease is signed regardless of the day of the month.  If your move-in date is during the middle of a month, the pro-rated rent charge will be due on the first day of the second month you are in the property.
  • Q: What do I do in an emergency?

    A: For FIRE, GAS or Natural Disasters, call 911 immediately!  If you experience an emergency after normal business hours, please call our office at (530) 844-2590 and leave a message.  We receive notification of all messages, and will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible.  Examples of emergencies are active water leaking, flooding, heater not working, sparks from appliances, fire, gas odors etc. 
  • Q: What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?

    A: You will be responsible for rent and utilities until a new tenant is placed, and will have a lease break fee due equal to one half of one months rent.   Once a tenant gives notice we will begin marketing the property.  We expect our tenants to be accommodating with showing of the property, and we will always give 24 hours advance notice.
  • Q: What is the procedure on the day I move out?

    A: Please bring the keys to our office when you are done moving out.  You will continue to be charged rent for each day that we don't have the keys back, even if you are no longer living there.  Also, be sure to have the utilities turned off, and give a forwarding address to the utility companies for your final bills. 
  • Q: When is my rent due and where do I pay it?

    A: Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if not received by 11:59 PM on the 6th.  You will be charged a late fee, according to your rental agreement, which will automatically be applied to your account at the time it is levied. Please note that we have a policy of paying “oldest charges first”, therefore if you do not include any applicable late fees with your rent, the balance will carry over to the next month and additional late fees will be incurred.  It is important to pay your late fees within the month to prevent additional late fees from accruing in the following months. 
    Your rent payment can be made online, mailed, or brought to our office during business hours at: 
       Rental Property Professionals, Inc.
       3000 Plumas Arboga Road
       Plumas Lake, CA 95961

  • Q: Who do I call for maintenance issues, and what is the homeowner responsible for?

    A: In general, the residential lease dictates that the landlord is responsible for the roof, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling and appliances. When in doubt, you are welcome to call our office to ask. Unless directed otherwise, you should call your property manager for all maintenance issues. We require that all maintenance requests be in writing. Please state the problem clearly with as much detail as possible. Maintenance requests can be submitted through our website.  You are encouraged to submit your maintenance request through the Tenant Portal of our web site. We handle routine maintenance requests during normal business hours.
  • Q: Who must complete an application, and how much is the application fee?


    All persons that are 18 years or older, or emancipated minors, must complete a separate rental application, and each submit a $40 non-refundable application fee.  The application can be completed and paid for on our website, or submitted in person at our office during normal business hours.  You can download the printable application HERE.  Your application fee will need to be paid before we start the screening process.  We check your credit report, criminal background, your rental payment history, and we verify income and employment references.

  • Q: Will I get new locks when I move in?

    A: All locks are re-keyed with each new tenant. Two keys are issued at the time you take possession of the home.  Alterations or replacement of locks requires our written permission.  If you have misplaced your key and find yourself locked out of your home, you may purchase a replacement copy of your key during our regular business hours, or you may borrow a key and return it.  If it occurs after business hours, there will be a $100.00 fee for us to open up the office and get a key for you.
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